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... 29 C H A P T E R 4 Survey invitations were sent to all addresses obtained from DirectMail within the defined study areas. Respondents were assigned one of four versions that presented a different series of six roadway images.
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... 30 Bicyclist Facility Preferences and Effects on Increasing Bicycle Trips Area Households Contacted Responses Response Rate Anniston 4,348 198 4.6% Opelika 3,362 185 5.5% Chattanooga 4,400 239 5.4% Talladega 3,305 93 2.8% Northport 3,708 234 6.3% Birmingham 4,294 274 6.4% Total 23,417 1,223 5.2% Note: Anniston, Opelika, and Chattanooga are treatment locations with planned bicycle facility improvements. Table 4.1.
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... Description of Survey Respondents 31 ability of the study to describe the preferences of the population as a whole, but not necessarily to explain the relationships between variables. Including sociodemographics in models is a time-honored way of controlling for nonresponse bias.
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... 32 Bicyclist Facility Preferences and Effects on Increasing Bicycle Trips Wave 2 Respondents Invitations for the second-wave survey were sent to all those who responded to the first-wave invitation. The second-wave survey had just under a 50% response rate, as shown in Table 4.5.
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... Description of Survey Respondents 33 A smaller portion of respondents in the lowest income group responded to Wave 2 than to Wave 1, indicating continuation of a response bias against this lowest income group. The distribution of response rates among households of different sizes was somewhat stable between waves.

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