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... 4 Introduction Scope of Work The objective of NCHRP Project 08-102, Bicyclist Facility Preferences and Effects on Increasing Bicycle Trips, is to understand how both current and potential cyclists respond to different types of bicycling facilities, thus facilitating a quantification of demand that includes both induced trips and trips shifted to the cycling mode. To meet this objective, the research team conducted comprehensive data collection and analysis to improve the understanding of how people make choices about daily travel (referring to the adoption, or lack thereof, of active modes of transportation)
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... Introduction 5 Studies of infrastructure treatments such as bicycle lanes, shared lanes, off-street paths, bicycle boulevards, cycletracks, bike boxes, traffic signal phases, traffic calming, car-free zones, and complete streets have shown that a significant increase in bicyclists can be achieved by providing facilities for safe riding (Pucher et al.
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... 6 Bicyclist Facility Preferences and Effects on Increasing Bicycle Trips Studies of route preferences among potential cyclists have been primarily limited to stated preference studies. The drawback of stated preference surveys is that they are weak predictors of behavior (Klobucar and Fricker 2007)

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