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... A-1 EXISTING PMR DEFINITIONS MAINTENANCE The term "maintenance" has been defined in many different ways depending on its application within the highway infrastructure sector. Several definitions were specific to bridges or pavements, while others described the two variants of maintenance types whose usage has been prevalent since the 1990s -- preventive and routine maintenance.
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... A-2 Routine Maintenance 1) The most common definition for routine maintenance found in the literature is "maintenance work that is planned and performed on a routine basis to maintain and preserve the condition of the highway system or to respond to specific conditions and events that restore the highway system to an adequate level of service." This particular definition was used by the following sources: • NCHRP Report 668 (2010)
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... A-3 of good repair. Preservation activities generally do not add capacity or structural value, but do restore the overall condition of the transportation facility." RENEWAL Existing literature provides few definitions for "renewal" which markedly differ from each other.
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... A-4 R E F E R E N C E S Andrle, S.J., E.T. Cackler, T

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