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Appendix B: Committee Member Biographical Information
Pages 50-55

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From page 50...
... In his final assignment, Dr. Nielsen was the commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Technology Executive Officer for the Air Force.
From page 51...
... for Air Force information technology procurements, applications, and systems. As commander, he was responsible for maintaining facilities in six different locations throughout the United States and ensuring compliance with Air Force, state, and federal guidelines.
From page 52...
... Martin has worked on numerous internally sponsored R&D efforts with Boeing, GM, Raytheon, and Hughes Aircraft Company. His participation in government and military contract research and develop­ ent includes programs in the areas of robotics, cognitive m systems, and cybersecurity, including Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency programs such as Pheromone Robots, Cognitive Technology Threat Warning Sys tem, and High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems.
From page 53...
... Ms. Penney has also lectured extensively on subjects such as Air Force capabilities and force structure, organizational command and control, reforming the defense personnel system, and other defense policy issues to a broad number of organizations, universities, and military institutions.
From page 54...
... Mr. Welby has more than three decades of govern ment and industrial experience in technology and product development, including senior leadership positions at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
From page 55...
... Ms. Winston has extensive recent PM experience in the areas of national defense and security, and has worked closely with local, regional, and national officials, including Congress and the Department of Defense.

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