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Appendix E: Acronyms
Pages 82-84

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From page 82...
... E Acronyms AFB Air Force Base AFDX Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet AFLCMC Air Force Life Cycle Management Center AFMC Air Force Materiel Command AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory AFSB Air Force Studies Board AI artificial intelligence ALC Air Logistics Complex API application program interface ASIC application-specific integrated circuit ATO Authorization to Operate COTS commercial-off-the-shelf CS computer science DCGS Distributed Common Ground System DevOps Development and Operations DevSecOps Development, Security, and Operations DIB Defense Innovation Board DoD Department of Defense DSB Defense Science Board ECP Engineering Change Proposal 82
From page 83...
... Appendix E 83 FY fiscal year GAO Government Accountability Office GBSD Ground Based Strategic Deterrent GPS Global Positioning System IP intellectual property ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance IT information technology JFAC Joint Federated Assurance Center JPO Joint Program Office LRU line replaceable unit ML machine learning MS A Milestone A MS C Milestone C MVP Minimum Viable Product OEM original equipment manufacturer OFP Operational Flight Program OODA Observe, Orient, Decide, Act OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense OT Operational Test PEO Program Executive Officer PRC2 Personnel Recovery Command and Control R&D research and development SA software assurance SAF/AQ Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition Technology and Logistics SAP Special Access Program SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility SEI Software Engineering Institute SIL System Integration Laboratory SLOC source lines of code SMXG Software Maintenance Group SPO System Program Office
From page 84...
... 84 A i r F o r c e S o f t wa r e S u s ta i n m e n t and Maintenance of Weapons Systems S&T science and technology SWEG Software Engineering Group UAV unmanned aerial vehicle USAF U.S. Air Force WBS work breakdown structure ZAP ZED Attack Proxy

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