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Executive Summary
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... Nevertheless, throughout this report, the term software sustainment will be used to represent the organic and contracted work that goes on during what is traditionally called the sustainment phase of U.S. Air Force (USAF)
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... With this in mind, the committee recommends the following: Recommendation 1: The U.S. Air Force should continue its transition to the modern software engineering practices and procedures represented by agile devel­ pment; Development, Security, and Operations (DevSecOps)
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... Modern software engineering requires well-trained, well-motivated personnel. The government at large and the Air Force in particular have been slow to adapt to a post-industrial world with the grade structure and salaries and productive work environment for knowledge ­ orkers such as software talent.
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... Air Force should acquire data rights sufficient for software sustainment of its weapons systems, even when contractors hold agreements to sustain the system for the life cycle of the program. Embedded software development is strongly tied to the hardware on which it resides, the sensors and actuators with which the embedded software interacts, and the data rights of legacy tooling.
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... Which organization performs these duties should depend on market conditions, as well as national security needs. This approach is not different from the current philosophy of contracted and organic sustainment writ large, but it must take into consideration the specific talent needed and available for software development.

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