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... 35 Conclusions According to input from 42 departments of transportation and two regional divisions of the Office of Federal Lands Highway, scaling loose rock from highway rock slopes is an important aspect of improving rock slope safety in mountainous areas. Ongoing weathering and deterioration of rock slopes in an aging transportation network will require a gradual increase in rockfall mitigation work, of which scaling is a significant first step.
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... 36 Estimating and Contracting Rock Slope Scaling Adjacent to Highways If a 15-year interval between scaling efforts, the longest interval that was encountered in the literature search for this synthesis, were implemented on all of a hypothetical state's 1,000 rock slopes, 67 scaling projects per year would be required to achieve full coverage -- a significant project count that no state appears to achieve. Therefore, DOTs are selecting which slopes to scale and which ones not to scale.
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... Conclusions and Research Opportunities 37 Future Research Opportunities The following research opportunities are suggested to address knowledge gaps identified by the synthesis. Scaling Estimation The reliance on experienced personnel in lieu of recorded data to accurately estimate production leaves departments at risk of losing institutional knowledge as the workforce ages and retires.

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