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... 1 Federal regulations, specifically 23 CFR § 667, Periodic Evaluation of Facilities Repeatedly Requiring Repair and Reconstruction Due to Emergency Events, require state departments of transportation (DOTs) to conduct statewide reviews to identify roads, highways, and bridges that have been damaged two or more times since 1997 by events declared emergencies by the president of the United States or by a state's governor.
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... 2 Asset Management Approaches to Identifying and Evaluating Assets Damaged Due to Emergency Events findings of their 23 CFR § 667 evaluations on the NHS into their final TAMPs at the time they responded to this synthesis. Copies of state TAMPs filed for the June 30, 2019, deadline can be accessed on FHWA's website, at
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... Summary 3 Plan (SHSMP) , which connects the agency's asset management and performance management objectives to investment decisions.

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