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... NCHRP LRD 82 47 that the plaintiffs failed to show that the New York State DOT had actual or constructive notice of a soil slope failure hazard at the time of the 2006 incident, and thus the New York State DOT was not liable.608 Presumably the outcome would have been less favorable to the New York State DOT if the plantiffs had been injured by a rockfall rather than a mudslide, given the New York State DOT's failure to show that it had performed routine maintenance to address rockfall concerns. Likewise, if the New York State DOT's slope rating procedure accounted for soil failure modes (slides)
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... 48 NCHRP LRD 82 rock scaling and installation of protective devices, in order to show that it was not negligent. Courts will consider whether the State DOT's mitigation activity or inactivity was reasonable and conformed with the State DOT's duty to maintain the highway in a reasonably safe condition.

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