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From page 77...
... Although this committee was not tasked with commenting on issues around racial justice, it is impossible to make recommendations ­ r ­elated to reopening schools without acknowledging the larger circumstances in which many Black and Indigenous people and communities of color develop distrust of state systems. ­ It is within this context that the committee grappled with what to recommend to education stakeholders, and we struggled to uncover a number of unarticulated assumptions about what is best for children.
From page 78...
... In essence, race and class matter in every aspect of these decisions, regardless of whether decision makers acknowledge them. As the nation struggles to find a road to recovery in the face of the twin challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the epidemic of systemic racism, there are no easy answers, no quick and affordable policy decisions that will enable children to reenter schools safely while simultaneously address­ ing the profound systemic inequities this moment in time has laid bare.

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