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... 11 Chapter 3 Agency Practices Recent guidance at the national level has redirected the focus and long-term direction of the security-related mission within transportation agencies. Since the publication of the Security 101 primer in 2009, four significant national-level directives and executive orders have been issued, each one adding to the nation's complementary goals pertaining to transportation security, infrastructure protection, system resiliency and emergency management.
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... 12 focused on identifying and synthesizing the changes in policy, process and resources for security, cyber security and infrastructure protection in transportation agencies since the publication of the 2009 Guide. As a part of prior and ongoing research or contractual engagements the research team has had the opportunity to align closely with a significant number surface transportation agencies in the gathering of information and documenting of security-related practices and procedures covering both physical and cyber security.
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... 13  As part of NCHRP Project 20-59 (43) , "Incorporating Transportation Security Awareness into Routine State DOT Operations and Training," a scanning survey was done to identify existing transportation safety and security training.

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