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... 8 Chapter 2 Literature Review For the literature review, the research team sought out recent resources and guidance to compile information in preparation for the revision of Security 101 that would effectively capture and present the scope of physical and cyber security issues impacting today's transportation agencies. In particular, the team focused on: • Updating the Annotated Bibliography contained in Appendix A in the first edition of Security 101.
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... 9 Transportation specific sources included the published research reports from the NCHRP and TCRP programs; FHWA, FTA, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center and other federal agencies; ITS America, AASHTO, APTA and other transportation related organizations. The team also searched specific databases and sources such as the National Laboratory research (e.g.
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... 10 • There are a number of transportation asset assessment methodologies that incorporate a variety of risk models such as likelihood models, consequence models, delay/detour models and recovery consequence models. • There are, however, a very limited number of tools available to assess resilience of transportation systems.

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