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... 14 CHAPTER 6 UPDATED GUIDE NCHRP REPORT 525: SURFACE TRANSPORTATION SECURITY, VOLUME 16: A GUIDE TO EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLANNING AT STATE TRANSPORTATION AGENCIES (the 2010 Guide) provided an approach to all-hazards emergency management and documented current practices in emergency response planning.
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... 15 Consistent with the 2010 Guide, the 2020 Guide explores how transportation fits into the traditional emergency management community and what transportation offers. It is important to understand that a state transportation agency will always fulfill a role in the emergency management effort for all incidents from the routine traffic incident through major emergencies to catastrophic events.
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... 16 Appendix A contains an annotated bibliography of information sources and a resource guide with checklists, templates, and other tools for transportation agencies to use in supporting their emergency management responsibilities. Appendix B contains case studies from state DOTs.

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