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... 12 Research Approach The research for this project occurred over 2017 and 2018, beginning with a literature review studying the state of the practice and best practices in equity analysis. The literature review was then supplemented with surveys and interviews of staff at 10 MPOs to delve further into their practices.
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... Research Approach 13 MPO Interviews The literature review provided a general understanding of the state of the practice, best practices, and challenges related to conducting equity analyses. The objective of the MPO interviews was to explore these topics in more depth in order to present thorough accounts of best practices and identify key issues that could be addressed in the guide and in pilot testing.
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... 14 Equity Analysis in Regional Transportation Planning Processes Draft Reference Guide The research team drafted the reference guide using the literature review, case studies, and supplementary research to describe the steps of an equity analysis, assigning a chapter to each step. An initial chapter on public involvement was created to establish a foundation for the analysis steps, and each step encourages the MPOs to continue using public involvement for data collection and validation.

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