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... 8 Background Many metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and transit agencies recognize that the benefits and burdens of the transportation system may not be distributed equitably among the various population groups in the agency's service area.
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... Background 9 engaging in an EJ analysis under federal transportation planning and the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) provisions will not satisfy Title VI requirements as outlined in FTA's Title VI Circular.
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... 10 Equity Analysis in Regional Transportation Planning Processes Key Aspects of the Authorities Title VI Environmental Justice (EJ) What is the basis for the authority?
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... Background 11 incomes, demographics, languages, and geographic areas; how to measure effects on health, environment, and community cohesion; and how to understand how agency actions influence community outcomes. Research Objectives and Scope The goal of TCRP Project H-54 was to provide MPOs with a reference guide of recommended quantitative and qualitative methods for conducting equity analyses that included input from underserved populations.

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