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Section 2: Methods and Data
Pages 8-9

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... on the U.S. Embassy Havana patients near the end of this study.2 It is referred to here as "the CDC Report." Throughout the course of this study, the committee received information from DOS that was germane to its tasks, and had multiple opportunities to speak directly with current DOS employees within the Bureau of Medical Services.
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... BOX 2 Steps for Investigating Clusters of Health Events (CDC, 1990) Stage 1 – Initial contact and response -- collect information from the person or groups first reporting the issue Stage 2 – Assessment -- determine the likelihood that cases of illness or injury are above expected numbers or rates; verify the diagnosis or determine biologic plausibility; define the characteristics Stage 3 – Feasibility study -- examine the potential for an epidemiologic study to link the health event and a putative exposure Stage 4 – Etiologic investigation -- determine the potential disease or injury exposure relationship REFERENCES CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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