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... Research Roadmap on Safety Issues 17 4.2 Safety Topic Prioritization Based on this industry feedback, the research team conducted a review of safety topics to finalize the list and set the levels of priority for the topics. As a result, the final list of safety topics, or safety issues, was whittled from 40 topics to 35 by combining five pairs of similar topics under common focus areas into single issues.
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... Research Roadmap on Safety Issues 18  Managing Safety in the Movement of People about the Airport (Focus Area: Terminal Safety; Sub-topic: Infrastructure) - Conduct research on the hazards, risks, and causes of accidents impacting the movement of employees, users, and stakeholders about an airport.
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... Research Roadmap on Safety Issues 19 should explore the root causes of fatigue, how fatigue impacts human performance, and approaches to minimize the risks associated with employee fatigue. (Research)
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... Research Roadmap on Safety Issues 20 safety incidents so as to identify safety hazards, their root cases, and the human factors behind undesired outcomes. (Research)
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... Research Roadmap on Safety Issues 21  Airport SMS Software Best Practices and Desirable Characteristics (Focus Area: Safety Management; Sub-topic: Risk Management) - Develop practical guidance on the software attributes to support the airport's SMS initiatives.

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