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Appendix D: Committee Activities
Pages 297-301

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... D Committee Activities Meeting 1 March 4–5, 2019 National Academy of Sciences Building Washington, DC Department of Energy: Office of Electricity Study Goals and Relevant Activities Michael Pesin, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Advanced Grid Research and Development Department of Energy: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Honorable Daniel Simmons, Assistant Secretary, DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Steven Chalk, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Power, EERE Department of Energy: Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response Carol Hawk, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems Department of Energy: Office of Nuclear Energy Bradley Williams, Senior Advisor, Office of Nuclear Energy Meeting 2 May 13–14, 2019 National Academies Keck Center Washington, DC Coordination of Natural Gas and the Bulk Electric System at the RTO Level Brian Fitzpatrick, PJM Interconnection Scott Wright, MISO Mike Knowland, ISO-NE 297
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... Lee, Dragos Panel 1b -- EMP and GMD: Perspectives on Current Status and Future Concerns Moderator: Michael Howard,* Electric Power Research Institute John Kappenman, Storm Analysis Consultants Mark Lauby, North American Electric Reliability Corporation Randy Horton, Electric Power Research Institute Panel 2 -- Where and How Should Digital Technologies Be Used to Improve Security and Resiliency?
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... Carnegie Mellon University Caitlin Durkovich, Toffler Associates Paul Stockton, Sonecon, LLC David Batz, Edison Electric Institute Webinar: Improving Power Flow Models January 15, 2020 Power Flow Application in Power Systems Eugene Litvinov, ISO New England Robust and Comprehensive Power Flow for Future Smart Grids Larry Pileggi, Carnegie Mellon University SUGAR -- Examples and Applications Amritanshu Pandey, Carnegie Mellon University Webinar: Grid Architectures from Theory to Practice January 29, 2020 Thinking About the Whole Grid: Grid Architecture Jeffrey Taft, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Operational Coordination Paul DeMartini, Newport Consulting Group Meeting 5 and Modeling for Planning Workshop February 3–5, 2020 National Academies Beckman Center Irvine, CA Overview of Models Used in Electric System Analysis and Planning John Weyant, Stanford University Energy Modeling Forum Long-Term Electric System Modeling Moderator: Karen Palmer,* Resources for the Future David Daniels, Energy Information Agency Dan Shawhan, Resources for the Future John Bistline, Electric Power Research Institute Bethany Frew, National Renewable Energy Laboratory John Larsen, Rhodium Group
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... Analysis Group Jason Fuller, Pacific Northwest National Lab Roger Dugan, Electric Power Research Institute Aleksi Paaso, Commonwealth Edison Colton Ching, Hawaiian Electric Company John Lee, Xcel Energy Case Study -- Modeling to Support LADWP's IRP and Stakeholder Engagement Moderator: Reiko Kerr,* Los Angeles Department of Water and Power James Barner, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Jay Lim, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Jaquelin Cochran, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Fred Pickel, City of Los Angeles Closing Keynote John Grosh, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Meeting 6 March 30–31, 2020 Remote via Zoom Grid Modernization Initiative Kevin Lynn, Department of Energy Meeting 7 May 18–19, 2020 Remote via Zoom Grid Modernization Initiative Gil Bindewald, Director of Grid Communications and Control, Department of Energy Office of Electricity Webinar: Power Marketing Administrations June 2, 2020 Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)
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... * Denotes member of National Academies Committee on the Future of Electric Power in the United States.

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