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Appendix F: Workshop Summary - Models to Inform Planning for the Future of Electric Power in the U.S.
Pages 308-312

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From page 308...
... electric power system. To support its information gathering, the committee convened a workshop on February 3, 2020, titled "Models to Inform Planning for the Future of Electric Power in the United States." Speakers and participants from industry, government, and academia discussed available models for long-term transmission and distribution planning, as well as the broader context of how these models are used and future opportunities and needs.
From page 309...
... MODELING AN INCREASINGLY COMPLEX LANDSCAPE A pervasive challenge to modeling in the electric power system is the enormous number of variables involved. Modeling electric power systems can require accounting for a wide range of power sources, local geographies, and climate considerations; multiple and overlapping jurisdictions, such as federal, state, or local governments; multiple stakeholder interests, such as producers, customers, and regulators; and the vast uncertainties endemic to system operation, such as policy changes and unexpected outages.
From page 310...
... While it is difficult to model extreme and unpredictable events, such events do happen, and improving models to account for these events can help planners build more resilience into the nation's critical electric power systems. In addition, several participants noted the importance of keeping models flexible, where possible, in order to extend their use across different policy scenarios, market changes, or technologies, especially in light of the rapid pace of change in the electric power system.
From page 311...
... Carnegie Mellon University and Committee Chair 8:35 AM Overview of Models Used in Electric System Analysis and Planning John Weyant, Stanford University Energy Modeling Forum 9:15 AM Long-Term Electric System Modeling Moderator: Karen Palmer,* Resources for the Future • David Daniels, Energy Information Agency • Dan Shawhan, Resources for the Future • John Bistline, Electric Power Research Institute • Bethany Frew, National Renewable Energy Laboratory • John Larsen, Rhodium Group 10:45 AM Break
From page 312...
... Analysis Group • Jason Fuller, Pacific Northwest National Lab • Roger Dugan, Electric Power Research Institute • Aleksi Paaso, Commonwealth Edison • Colton Ching, Hawaiian Electric Company • John Lee, Xcel Energy 3:00 PM Break 3:20 PM Case Study -- Modeling to Support LADWP's IRP and Stakeholder Engagement Moderator: Reiko Kerr,* Los Angeles Department of Water and Power • James Barner, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power • Jay Lim, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power • Jaquelin Cochran, National Renewable Energy Laboratory • Fred Pickel, City of Los Angeles 4:40 PM Closing Keynote John Grosh, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 5:15 PM Adjourn *

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