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12 Summary of Breakout Discussion Sessions
Pages 157-162

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... to address and resolve, in the next several months? • What trade-offs are possible in terms of data product content, geographic specificity, and quality standards, from the data user perspective?
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... were good, necessary first steps, but major communication work remains to be done. This includes questions such as what the census data quality operations of Count Review and Count Question Resolution mean in the context of a fully synthetic Microdata Detail File (MDF)
From page 159...
... • Acknowledging that there are state and local legal mandates regarding the use of census data, attention needs to be paid to explaining changes resulting from different disclosure avoidance to those local legislators and policymakers, if nothing else to inform changes that might be necessary to those legal mandates on the books. Joe Salvo (New York City Department of City Planning)
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... and suggested that this direct input continue. • The breakout group also briefly discussed the notion of holding total population invariant at the block level, and not just the counts of housing units and group quarters units, and the same need for information on the need for practical information on the feasibility of that step was noted.
From page 161...
... 94-171 redistricting data, as that seems to be a potential spot to improve overall accuracy by coarsening the categories. • Identifying acceptance criteria for the data resulting from the disclosure avoidance process is of keen interest, and it would be useful to have inputs from the data user and subject matter communities on developing such criteria.

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