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3 Responding to an Evolving Research Enterprise
Pages 12-15

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... Important science is still done by individuals supported by + Policy Mismatches Changes in the research enterprise have small grants, but other science requires large created other mismatches with foundational projects, large facilities, and interdisciplinary, policy approaches, noted Alan Leshner, former often international, teams where data are CEO of the American Association for the freely shared. For example, González has Advancement of Science.
From page 13...
... are competent at it." + graduate education to better serve the needs of Overcoming Limits on modern science." Research -- Alan Leshner, Former Chief Shobita Parthasarathy, professor of public Executive Officer, American policy at the University of Michigan, observed Association for the that the scientific enterprise Bush envisioned Advancement of Science has been tremendously successful, but it has also proven to have limits. Life expectancy in the United States is lower than in other 13
From page 14...
... Integrating the knowledge generated "need to reconsider their approaches and by these programs into research funding and rethink the idea that patenting is always in the regulatory decisions could help overcome the public interest." limits of the current research enterprise, she said. Parthasarathy also recommended that the efforts to innovate for the benefit of + "And whenneeds and priorities marginalized communities be expanded.
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... "We need + "We needand technology science sophisticated sophisticated science and technology policies and we can take policies," Parthasarathy said, "and we can advantage here of the take advantage here of the robust body robust body of knowledge of knowledge and expertise that we've developed over the last 75 years." and expertise that we've developed over the last 75 years." -- Shobita Parthasarathy, Professor of Public Policy, University of Michigan 15

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