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6 The Evolution of the Government-University-Research Partnership
Pages 23-27

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From page 23...
... Department of funding research proposals. In other countries, political considerations rather than merit are Energy often influential in determining the flow of research funds, "but we've been able to resist that, and I think that accounts for the great Karen Sayre/Eikon Photography success of our country." The government and JHU have succeeded in applying merit-based review even to the Applied Physics Laboratory, which is a classified defense research organization embedded within the university.
From page 24...
... Chris Fall, director of the Office of Science at DOE, observed that DOE's 17 national laboratories are "techno-economic engines as + The Risks Posed by Espionage well as engines for discovery and for achieving scientific goals." Although a portion of the As other nations have developed strong work done by the national laboratories is research enterprises, a concern has emerged focused on specific governmental missions, that they will engage in academic espionage the laboratories have also developed extensive to drain intellectual property from U.S. technology transfer operations.
From page 25...
... DOD and other agencies competitiveness? " have research funding programs that are open -- Ronald Daniels, President, to international partners, she noted, which creates "an opportunity for leveraging and co Johns Hopkins University sponsoring funding to make our funding go that much farther." DOE similarly has programs and facilities that "are open on a competitive basis for open science to anyone from around its laboratories that work on technologies the world," said Fall.
From page 26...
... Daniels recommended applying the Institutes of Health scientific method to how science is actually done. For example, are the current set of institutes and centers at NIH the best to limit the seepage of intellectual property way to organize the biomedical research to other nations.
From page 27...
... radical, she said. For example, training awards Karen Sayre/Eikon Photography Symposium attendee asks question of panelists.

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