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1 Introduction
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... They are founded on new principles and new conceptions that result from basic scientific research." This basic research is best conducted Bush argued that in colleges, universities, and research institutes "that devote most of their research efforts to expanding the + frontiers of knowledge," Bush wrote. There, scientists can "new products and processes are not pursue a broad research agenda without the pressure to produce immediate, tangible results.
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... New and longstanding problems have come to the fore such as pandemics, chronic diseases, societal inequities, systemic racism, cybersecurity, climate change societal polarization, and mass migrations. Based on its past successes, science is being asked to help solve these problems, some of which scientific successes have helped create.
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... We must ask if we are doing enough to inspire, nurture, and cultivate our young people. We have to encourage diversity and inclusion and create an informed citizenry that values decision making and policies based on science and evidence." As at the end of World War II, the challenges facing society are daunting, from climate change to social inequalities, from emerging diseases to the spread of scientific misinformation.

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