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... 1 To effectively and efficiently plan for pedestrians in the United States, it is vital to understand the current state of pedestrian infrastructure data collection efforts. While pedestrian infrastructure data frequently are collected for a single purpose, they are less frequently collected comprehensively across an entire transportation network.
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... 2 Availability and Use of Pedestrian Infrastructure Data to Support Active Transportation Planning The survey found that 31 of the 40 responding DOTs report collection of pedestrian infrastructure data. However, the wide variety of survey results indicate that there is no consistent, all-inclusive definition of what pedestrian infrastructure includes or how data defining pedestrian infrastructure should be collected and stored.
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... Summary 3 practices that are not carried through staffing changes, departmental reorganizations or other structural changes. Finally, the survey and case example interviews indicate the need to research ways to improve understanding among practitioners about common uses of pedestrian infrastructure data across various DOT departments.

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