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... 50 Overall Findings Documenting and summarizing current DOT practices for defining, storing, collecting and sharing pedestrian infrastructure data will help agencies tailor the data collection process to build data infrastructure that supports various uses, leading to more consistent and efficient planning and management of pedestrian infrastructure. This chapter provides a summary of overall synthesis findings and includes recommended research for furthering the practice.
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... Conclusions 51 an agency with only one staff person had a more limited data collection program. Robust and intentional database design and collection plans are consistent with current best practices.
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... 52 Availability and Use of Pedestrian Infrastructure Data to Support Active Transportation Planning Twelve of 31 states (39%) reported few concerns with public data sharing, and about the same number reported no known concerns.
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... Conclusions 53 research providing short case examples or a longer, more comprehensive national study. Additional areas for targeted research include: • Use of pedestrian infrastructure data to help prioritize maintenance activities.

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