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... 102 8.1 Overview The objective of this study was to identify ways to improve employee health and safety outcomes resulting from work conditions and broader health promotion practices and the corresponding impacts on the bottom line. The project team's research focused on the preva­ lence of conditions, costs associated with conditions, and statistical analysis of data on participa­ tion in and results of health and wellness promotion programs.
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... Conclusions 103 For non­operators, exposure to exhaust fumes and other automotive chemicals are also risk factors for poor health. The literature also has documented worker stress and fatigue as health and safety issues.
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... 104 Improving the Health and Safety of Transit Workers with Corresponding Impacts on the Bottom Line The project team also conducted five in­depth case studies on health and wellness programs provided by transit agencies. The case studies provided the project team an opportunity to: • Learn about the types of programs provided to transit workers; • Examine the potential impacts of existing programs; • Identify what health and safety issues were addressed in each program; and • Examine how those issues aligned with the issues that had been uncovered in the literature review and analysis of secondary data.
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... Conclusions 105 management were identified as the next most common problems. Some programs had elements that addressed these issues, such as health assessments, exercise programs, and nutrition classes.
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... 106 Improving the Health and Safety of Transit Workers with Corresponding Impacts on the Bottom Line worth examining, recognizing that transit workers are disproportionately older and male in comparison to the general population. Last, this study could not account for differences in local regulations.
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... Conclusions 107 It is important to understand that the literature shows that very few health and well­ ness programs have impacts, including the cases presented in this report. This suggests that (1)

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