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... 8 This report provides a literature review, research design, findings on prevalence and costs, five detailed case studies, and an implementation strategy. This chapter briefly describes the contents of each chapter and explains how they work together.
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... Introduction: How to Read This Report 9 conditions and risk factors affecting transit workers, in particular six chronic conditions that are more prevalent among transit workers than among the general population: cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, mental health, and respiratory disease. National medical expenditures are estimated as a function of these conditions, which -- as expected -- are in excess of the expenditures for the general worker.
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... 10 Improving the Health and Safety of Transit Workers with Corresponding Impacts on the Bottom Line Chapter 6 details the information the research team obtained about health and wellness programs at five sites. Details about all aspects of program development, organization, and activities are shared, participation rates at all sites are provided, and outcome measures at four sites are discussed.

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