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... 104 Implementation 5.1 Construction Typically, a restroom or amenities project will be part of a larger airport project. It may be within a new terminal or expansion, or it may be part of a renovation of a specific area of the airport, perhaps baggage claim.
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... Implementation 105 so implementation decisions should be made with a long view in the context of the airport's overall master plan. 5.1.2 Delivery Methods Today's construction industry offers a variety of project delivery methods: • Design-bid-build • Design-negotiate-build • Design-build • Construction management • Owner-build • Integrated project delivery The choice of project delivery method, however, is affected by an airport's unique legal requirements, which are based on the type of governance.
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... 106 Planning and Design of Airport Terminal Restrooms and Ancillary Spaces legally that the cost of sole-sourced products is a small percentage of the overall construction cost as the labor cost is not included. 5.1.4 Prefabricated Restrooms Prefabricated restrooms are a concept that evolved primarily from hospital projects where pre-assembled headwalls with all the equipment and finishes in place when shipped to the site were installed in a fraction of the normal construction time.

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