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... 64 5.1 Main Conclusions This report proposes a protocol describing best practices for sampling, testing, and characterizing the steel corrosion potential of earthen materials. The protocol incorporates alternatives to the current AASHTO test standards for measuring electrochemical properties, including resistivity, pH, and chloride and sulfate ion content.
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... Conclusions and Needs for Future Research 65 The materials included in this study were grouped into clusters on the basis of ranges of resistivity and according to corrosion indices determined from the German method for characterizing corrosivity (DVGW GW 9)
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... 66 Electrochemical Test Methods to Evaluate the Corrosion Potential of Earthen Materials 2. Further research is needed to consider the use of nonconventional materials in construction that may include industrial by-products, recycled materials, or lightweight fills.

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