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... 67 CL centerline cm centimeter CR corrosion rate DI deionized DOT department of transportation ft foot/feet g gram GB granular base GN grading number GP poorly graded gravel GW well-graded gravel h hour Hz hertz IEC ion exchange chromatography in. inch LWF lightweight fill mEq milliequivalent MIC microbially induced corrosion min minute ml milliliters mm millimeters MSE mechanically stabilized earth M-U-D Marcy-Utica-Deerfield PIP Palisades Interstate Parkway PP percentage passing ppm parts per million RI ranking index SP poorly graded sand SW well-graded sand USCS Unified Soil Classification System UTEP The University of Texas at El Paso Ω · cm ohm · centimeter Abbreviations and Acronyms

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