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... 32 Conclusions and Suggested Research Public Transportation Is Essential to Climate Action Public transit has been a major source of GHG reductions in the United States, and that continued in 2018. The 63 MMT CO2e that public transportation saved in 2018 is a value larger than the entire national emissions of 111 individual countries.
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... Conclusions and Suggested Research 33   Public Transportation's Potential for Scalable Climate Solutions Economies of scale may make it possible for public transit to electrify and adopt clean power faster than the millions of individual drivers it would take to have the same impact on U.S. transportation emissions.
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... 34 An Update on Public Transportation's Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions climate impacts. There is interest in this type of standardization and economy of scale among transit agency staff members and decision makers.
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... Conclusions and Suggested Research 35   would provide transit agencies more granular information on this issue. This would be valuable for GHG accounting reasons and could inform transit agency operations, partnerships, and investments.

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