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... In January 2021, the National Academies convened a committee of four subject-matter experts with experience in clinical patient safety, patient-safety research, health information technology, clinical medicine, safety science, and implementation science. In its review of the AHRQ draft report Strategies to Improve Patient Safety: Draft Report to Congress for Public Comment and Review by the National Academy of Medicine, the committee considered the four questions posed by AHRQ, which are listed in the committee's Statement of Task (see Box 1)
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... This development fundamentally changes what is feasible and practical, and the committee believes it should heavily influence strategies to improve patient safety going forward. In the following chapter, the committee responds directly to the Statement of Task in four sections, which include the additional strategies that the committee suggests AHRQ consider in the final version of its report.
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... • Section 4: Technical comments and corrections to the draft report. The committee believes that the timing of the AHRQ report's retrospective review of what has been accomplished using PSOs and the NPSD represents a unique opportunity to look forward and propose strategies to strengthen the role and impact of aggregate data analysis in patient safety.

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