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... 84 AC Transit Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District ADAMS APTS Data Archiving and Mining System AFC Automated Fare Collection AI Artificial Intelligence APC Automated Passenger Counter API Application Programming Interfaces APTA American Public Transportation Association ARC Atlanta Regional Commission ATL Atlanta Transit Link Authority AVL Automated Vehicle Location BPM Business Process Management BRT Bus Rapid Transit CAD Computer Aided Dispatch CIO Chief Information Officer CMM Capability Maturity Models CSV Comma Delimited Value CTC Community Transportation Coordinator DAMA Data Management Association International DBA Database Administrator DBMS Database Management System DDS Data Domain Stewards DG Data Governance DMBOK Data Management Body of Knowledge EAM Enterprise Asset Management EAP Enterprise Architecture Planning EDD Enterprise Data Dictionary EDW Enterprise Data Warehouse ETL Extract Transform Load FDOT Florida DOT FHWA Federal Highway Administration FTA Federal Transit Administration GIS Geographic Information System GM General Manager GTFS General Transit Feed Specification IoT Information of Things IP Intellectual Property IS Information Services IT Information Technology List of Abbreviations
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... List of Abbreviations 85 ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems KCIT King County Information Technology KCM King County Metro LBS Location-Based Service LODES LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics LRT Light Rail Transit MAP-21 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act MDM Master Data Management ML Machine Learning MOU Memorandum of Understanding MPO Municipal Planning Organization NASCIO National Association of State Chief Information Officers NeTEX Network Timetable Exchange NYSDOT New York State DOT OD Origin-Destination OSM Open Street Map OSS Open Source Software PII Personally Identifiable Information ROADS Reliable, Organized, Accurate, Data Sharing SaaS Software as a Service SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SDLC System Development Life Cycle SOCM Service Operations Costing Module SOR System of Record SQL Structured Query Language T-BIRD Transit Business Intelligence and Reporting Data Warehouse (an acronym used for the EDW from KCM) TIDES Transit ITS Data Exchange Specification TRB Transportation Research Board TREX Transit Enterprise Database TSMO Traffic, Service, Maintenance, and Operations TSP Transit Signal Priority U.S.

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