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... 4 Introduction Community services are vital to the functioning of the communities in which they operate. With people across the nation, and the globe, affected by COVID­19 and the ongoing chal­ lenges of responding to it, transportation systems must be as safe as possible and available to all.
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... Introduction 5 normal, there may be a series of recovery phases. Pandemics have other characteristics that differ from those of other hazards.
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... 6 A Pandemic Playbook for Transportation Agencies years to overcome. Social and commercial impacts are starting to redefine the nature of social life in urban, suburban, and rural communities that will affect transportation decisions well into the future.
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... Introduction 7 Source: Colorado Department of Transportation. Figure 1.
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... 8 A Pandemic Playbook for Transportation Agencies Pandemic Planning (continued) Communications • Strategies for receiving information from emergency management and public health (e.g., situation reports, health alerts)

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