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6 Wrap-Up and Final Thoughts from Workshop Co-Chairs
Pages 57-58

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From page 57...
... First, she urged the National Academies to articulate a commitment to moving beyond descriptive and analytic research to call for the nation to do intervention research, which would call for investments in improving people's lives. Second, she suggested the National Academies could play a role in convening experts to learn how to do real-time estimation of the burden of infection in communities, which would help trigger policies and actions quicker.
From page 58...
... " She suggested laying out to the National Academies leadership and members the critical role that they can play to live up to the ideals that founded the ­Academies and that can be done through the auspices of the organization. She asked Roundtable staff director Reginald Hayes for his view on a role for the Roundtable and the National Academies.

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