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... 20 Chapter 1. Introduction 1.1 Background In May 2010, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)
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... 21 time of its development. It contains SPFs for all crash severities combined, with tabulated severity distributions in the form of proportions available to separate the total crash frequency predictions into crash frequencies for individual crash severity levels.
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... 22 elements and traffic control features considered by engineers and planners during the project development process. Roundabouts are not addressed in this research, as new crash prediction models were recently developed for possible inclusion in the second edition of the HSM as part of a separate study (NCHRP Project 17-70, Development of Roundabout Crash Prediction Models and Methods)
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... 23 existing models. Based on the results of the literature review and survey, the research team identified and prioritized the types of intersection configurations and traffic control types not currently addressed in the HSM for further consideration in this research.
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... 24 terminals at single-point diamond interchanges to address crossroad ramp terminals at tight diamond interchanges. Similar to Phase II, the research team updated existing spreadsheet tools to include the new crash prediction models developed in Phase III of this research, conducted sensitivity analyses to check that the results made sense, updated/revised the crash prediction models as necessary, developed recommended text for consideration in the second edition of the HSM, and prepared portions of this report that document Phase III of the research.
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... 25 Appendix A -- Draft Text for the Second Edition of the HSM HSM Chapter 10 -- Predictive Method for Rural Two-Lane, Two-Way Roads HSM Chapter 11 -- Predictive Method for Rural Multilane Highways HSM Chapter 12 -- Predictive Method for Urban and Suburban Arterials HSM Chapter 19 -- Predictive Method for Ramps

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