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... 1   Although the need for a more effective set of short- and long-term transportation resilience strategies is increasingly obvious and urgent, many knowledge gaps and institutional barriers still exist. Finding creative ways to fill the gaps and overcome the barriers is a critical challenge for transportation leaders at the state and national levels.
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... 2 Transportation System Resilience: Research Roadmap and White Papers their respective resilience-related initiatives. This roadmap presents a mechanism by which the transportation community can work towards a consensus concerning those investments that will significantly advance the understanding, policy, and practice of transportation resilience.
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... Summary 3   • Do you have a strategy for overcoming the polarization and politicization of contentious resilience topics such as climate change, sustainability, environmental justice, and the like? • Do you have a plan for integrating resilience into your agency's culture, mission, customer service objectives, business planning priorities, asset performance measures, and other measurable priorities?

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