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Appendix B: Meeting Agendas
Pages 114-115

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... B Meeting Agendas OCTOBER 2, 2020 Held via Teleconference 11:00–11:45 Review of the Last Meeting and Identify Follow-Up Questions and Gaps to Fill 11:45–12:00 Break 12:00–12:50 Scenario-Based Analysis -- Hans Davies 12:50–1:30 Discussion and Break 1:30–2:30 Scenario-Based Analysis -- Steve Weber 2:30–3:00 Discussion of Possible Scenarios 3:00 Meeting Adjourns OCTOBER 23, 2020 Held via Teleconference 11:30–12:45 Computing Standards -- NIST Computer Security Division 12:45–1:00 Break 1:00–2:00 Quantum Computing: Where Is It Going and When Will It Get There? -- Mark Horowitz 2:00–2:15 Break 2:15–3:00 Dual Elliptic Curve Issue -- Nadia Heninger 114
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... APPENDIX B 115 NOVEMBER 6, 2020 11:00–11:30 Closed Session: Review of Progress 11:30–12:30 Open Data-Gathering Session: Topics in Quantum Communication and Encryption -- John Manferdelli 12:30–12:45 Break 12:45–1:45 Open Data-Gathering Session: Implementation, Transition, and Standardization During the Move to Quantum-Resistant Encryption Algorithms -- Brian LaMacchia and Bob Blakley 1:45–2:00 Break 2:00–3:00 Closed Session: Scenario Exercise for Committee Members 3:00 Meeting Adjourns NOVEMBER 20, 2020 11:00–11:15 Closed Session 11:15–12:15 Open Session: U.S. and International Law Enforcement Issues -- Speaker Darrin Jones 12:15–1:15 Open Session: Encryption, Exceptional Access, and Privacy -- Susan Landau 1:15–1:30 Break 1:30–3:00 Closed Session 3:00 Meeting Adjourns DECEMBER 4, 2020 11:00–11:15 Closed Session 11:15–12:15 Open Session: Directions in Encryption Research -- Josh Barron 12:15–12:30 Break 12:30–1:15 Open Session: Public Accountability of Secret Processes -- Sunoo Park 1:15–1:30 Break 1:30–2:15 Open Session: Future of Encryption and Cryptography -- Dan Boneh 2:15–3:00 Closed Session 3:00 Meeting Adjourns

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