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Appendix C: Peer Review Schedule and Committee Meeting Summaries
Pages 35-36

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... Appendix C Peer Review Schedule and Committee Meeting Summaries Project Schedule and Timeline Month Activities and Milestones November 2020  Contract awarded and project start December 2020  Sponsor orientation and launch meeting  Draft peer review charge document  Dissemination of Call for Nominations January-February 2021  Committee selection process  Government Orientation Meeting  Documentation of the Peer Review Selection Process March 2021  Review of proposal begins o Prepare the Peer Review Materials o Manage the Peer Review Process  Provide draft charge document to committee  Peer Review Meeting 1 April 2021  Collect and compile committee comments on review questions  Peer Review Meeting 2  Peer Review Meeting 3 May-July 2021  Peer Review Meeting 4  Revise and finalize consensus findings and conclusions  Complete report draft  Complete National Academies Report Review Committee process  Finalize report, deliver to BSEE, public release August 2021  Publish NAS Consensus Report  Government Follow-up Meeting September-November  Dissemination activities 2021  Close out of the contract Committee Meeting Summaries Peer Review Meeting 1 March 26, 2021 Closed meeting of the committee to conduct the bias and conflict of interest discussion. Academies' staff led a discussion with the committee to address potential biases and conflicts of interests and to allow the committee opportunity to determine if it is appropriately constituted to address their Statement of Task.
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... Peer Review Meeting 4 May 12-13, 2021 During a two-day closed session meeting, the committee finalized their conclusions and recommendations, came to consensus on their responses to the provided charge questions, and finalized drafting the report.

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