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Appendix A: Examples and Resources
Pages 18-18

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... Addressing Disaster Vulnerability among Homeless Populations during COVID-19 18 APPENDIX A EXAMPLES AND RESOURCES Strategies for Providing Alternative Shelter Facilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic • Working with FEMA to Address COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Needs • National Health Care for the Homeless Council Encampment Resources • Framework for Equitable COVID-19 Homeless Response • Integrating Homeless Service Providers and Clients in Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery • Disaster Planning for People Experiencing Homelessness content/uploads/2019/08/Disaster-Planning-for-People-Experiencing-Homelessness.pdf • Mass Sheltering Special Collection counts/special-collection/mass-sheltering Strategies for Navigating Service Reductions and Supporting Population-Specific Needs • Practice Resources for COVID-19 covid-19/ • Resources Related to Trauma and Service Providers in Disasters • A Guide to Managing Stress in Crisis Response Professions 2/sma05-4113 • Disaster Behavioral Health Capacity Assessment Tool • Emergency Preparedness and LGBT Guidance for Health Centers for-LGBT-People-Final.pdf • Guidelines for Responding to Domestic Violence in Disaster services-and-disaster Strategies for Addressing Homelessness in the Aftermath of a Disaster • Disaster Recovery Homelessness Toolkit assistance/disaster-recovery-homelessness-toolkit/ • Eviction Tracking Tool and Policy Resources • Rent Debt Dashboard • National Center for Disaster Preparedness Preparedness Courses on Pre/Post Disaster Housing

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