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... TCRP LRD 57 / NCHRP LRD 84 21 decision to reverse the agency decision. WisDOT had decided to remove several driveways, including the Slaters' driveway, after consideration of an access management plan and a safety assessment of the area.
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... 22 TCRP LRD 57 / NCHRP LRD 84 in response to an accident involving a short circuit on the rail system, which caused smoke to fill a stranded train, killing one passenger and injuring 91 people.
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... TCRP LRD 57 / NCHRP LRD 84 23 Analysis. The Tri-State Oversight Committee was until recently responsible for managing the federally required oversight program for the system with the authority to conduct inspections, training, testing, and repair functions on the system.

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