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... 24 TCRP LRD 57 / NCHRP LRD 84 similar conclusions and recommendations to improve safety had been in those reports. Delayed, and inadequate maintenance can lead to incidents, accidents, lawsuits, and new and restrictive legislation.
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... TCRP LRD 57 / NCHRP LRD 84 25 4. Limitations on Access The following issues were examined: Whether the agency closed a road or limited access to it for safety reasons permanently or temporarily; and a description of the decision-making process for that restriction.
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... 26 TCRP LRD 57 / NCHRP LRD 84 5 State of Good Repair An asset is in the state of good repair when the physical condition of that asset is at or above a condition rating of 5. The level of investment required to attain and maintain a state of good repair is therefore that amount required to rehabilitate and replace all assets with an estimated condition of 5 or less.

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