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Appendix A: Committee Biographies
Pages 301-304

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From page 301...
... His research focuses on how the global carbon cycle and ocean ecology respond to natural and human-driven climate change and ocean acidification. His previous experience with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine includes membership on a number of committees in association with the Space Studies Board, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, and Ocean Studies Board.
From page 302...
... She previously served on three National Academies committees: the Committee on Emerging Research Questions in the Arctic; the Gulf Research Program Advisory Board; and the Standing Committee on Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems.
From page 303...
... He is an engineer and geochemist interested in understanding how reacting carbon dioxide with rocks and minerals may be able to help prevent climate change. His research expertise and interests include enhanced weathering, negative emission technologies, and alkaline waste, and he is also interested in understanding geochemical carbon sequestration in the ocean by increasing ocean alkalinity.
From page 304...
... His research focuses on aquatic ecosystems and their functioning on local to global scales. He has worked extensively in marine bio-optics, satellite ocean color remote sensing and oceanographic observations, and numerical modeling on a wide range of problems from assessing marine biodiversity, quantifying the ocean's biological carbon pump, measuring and modeling giant kelp spatial population dynamics, and understanding the efficacy of nearshore fisheries management scenarios.

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