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6 Evidence Integration
Pages 70-75

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From page 70...
... These steps, which OHAT defines as sequential but independent steps in the systematic review process, are nearly indistinguishable in Chapter 11 of the handbook. RESPONSIVENESS TO PREVIOUS NATIONAL ACADEMIES REPORTS Evidence integration has long been a challenge in toxicological systematic reviews, and previous National Academies reports have provided the U.S.
From page 71...
... The use and incorporation of mechanistic data in systematic reviews in toxicology continue to be a challenge, not only for EPA but for the systematic review community in general. The 2014 National Academies report acknowledged the problematic use of various kinds of mechanistic data, specifically where in the process it should be incorporated and how to do so systematically.
From page 72...
... The handbook's discussion of supporting studies, including those providing mechanistic data, does not indicate a clear role throughout the assessment, particularly during the evidence integration step. Mechanistic data appear to be used to support the strength of evidence conclusions of the individual data streams or when there is a lack of evidence in a single stream, and yet some aspects of the handbook treat mechanistic data as a separate stream.
From page 73...
... EPA asked the committee to consider whether the approaches described in Chapter 11 are scientifically sound and appropriate for integrating the various types of evidence relevant to investigating the potential for human health effects from exposure to environmental chemicals. FIGURE 6-1 Example of a terminology map illustrating units of analysis.
From page 74...
... 11-22) presents five categories of evidence integration judgments for characterizing potential human health hazards regarding environmental exposure to a chemical: • Evidence demonstrates that [chemical]
From page 75...
... Recommendation 6.3: The handbook should clearly define the roles of mechanistic data and other supporting data in evidence integration and throughout the entire IRIS assessment development process (see Recommendations 3.9, 3.10, and 5.4)

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