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Appendix B: 2020 IRIS Handbook Organization and Contents and EPA Questions to the Committee
Pages 92-96

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From page 92...
... Refined evaluation plan 5 Describes process for deciding whether and how to prioritize and group sets of related endpoints into health effect categories for review, focusing on those most likely to inform hazard identification. Study evaluation 6 Describes study evaluation methods for individual human and animal health effect studies, pharmacokinetic models, and an approach for mechanistic studies.
From page 93...
... Hazard considerations 12 Describes the selection process to determine the and study selection for most informative studies and outcomes for dosederiving toxicity values response analysis based on study confidence and other considerations including hazard judgments and susceptibility. Derive toxicity values 13 Describes dose-response modeling and methods to develop a quantitative estimate for each hazard of concern (cancer and noncancer)
From page 94...
... 4. Given the broad questions considered in IRIS assessments (typically necessitat ing multiple systematic reviews and dose-response analyses to address different health effects, exposure scenarios, and potential susceptible populations or life stages)
From page 95...
... REFERENCES EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
From page 96...
... U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/635/R-19/201.

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