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1 Introduction
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... If well understood and sufficiently adapted, these unprecedented actions could inform and advance future pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccine preparedness efforts.  However, developing and delivering these more effective vaccines to meet the demand goes beyond simply technical challenges and includes issues across governance, financing, research, supply chain, and public engagement. Adequately preparing for the next pandemic can be augmented and supported by increasing communication across these areas and focusing on inclusive, multidisciplinary strategies to build resilience in communities and sectors around the world and create capacities to rapidly respond when needed.
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... As part of the initiative, four National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the National Academies) consensus studies are being conducted: Vaccine Research and Development; Vaccine Distribution and Supply Chain; Public Health Interventions and Countermeasures; and Global Coordination, Partnerships, and Financing.1 Finally, to inform these studies, a planning committee organized a public evidence-gathering workshop called International Workshop on COVID-19 Lessons to Inform Pandemic Influenza Response to discuss critical themes, gaps, and topics in May 2021.2 This global public workshop convened international experts, thought leaders, and other stakeholders to discuss the emerging evidence on these unprecedented actions related to COVID-19 that could inform and advance pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccine preparedness efforts and subsequent response.
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... Chapter 5 highlights the importance of translating and communicating the research related to nonpharmaceutical interventions and vaccine confidence. Finally, Chapter 6 concludes with final thoughts and suggestions from various speakers throughout the workshop on what changes can help improve preparedness and response ahead of the next pandemic.

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