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6 Final Remarks
Pages 61-64

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From page 61...
... These diverse partnerships would lead to innovative ideas and also be easier to form compared to global collaborations. Additionally, governments could incentivize private companies to be more transparent in their supply chains, helping to prevent raw material shortages and vaccine surplus issues.
From page 62...
... Charu Kaushic, chair of the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness and scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, called specifically for a global preparedness network and more focus on One Health, as changing climate patterns and human behavior result in more exposures and opportunities for spillover. All the speakers in this discussion pointed to the need for funding and development in the interepidemic period, in order to preserve continuity and sustainability of research and allow for quickly pivoting during times of emergency.
From page 63...
... Priya Bahri of the European Medicines Agency added that regulatory agencies should inform the public about broader methodological and risk governance topics so that people trust and understand decisions. Similarly, behavioral change interventions and the media can be more effective by seeking to understand the target population's cultural context.

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