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Appendix B: Workshop Agenda
Pages 60-63

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... In practice, this results in designs that are theoretically optimal but that could never be realized. This topic considers how ­topology optimization can incorporate manufacturability along with functional design.
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... Begley, University of California, Santa Barbara Presentation Title: Process-Informed Simulations of Printed Components for Optimization Frameworks 11:25 Lunch 12:25 Panel Discussion on the Emerging Synergy between Topology Optimization, Manufacturing, and Materials Introductions: Katherine T Faber; Q&A: Angus Kingon Panelists: Claus Pedersen, Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp David Chapin, GE Additive Jonathan Berger, Nama Development, LLC Topic 2: Topology Optimization and Multi-Physics Introductions: Carlos Levi; Q&A: William Paul King Most topology optimizers consider a single physical domain, for example, stress/strain analysis for structural design or electromagnetic analysis for photonic crystal design.
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... Presentation Title: Digital Design and Manufacturing with Tunable, High-Performance Elastomeric Materials Topic 3: Topology Optimization of Soft Materials and Deformable Structures Introductions: Frank Zok; Q&A: Ned Thomas Soft and compliant structures could unlock new applications in medicine and bioengineering, wearable structures and devices, and human-machine interfaces. While topology optimization for rigid materials and structures
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... Spadaccini, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Ole Sigmund, DTU Technical University of Denmark 1:45 Wrap-Up Discussion for the Full Workshop 2:30 Adjourn Workshop

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