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... 28 ACRP LRD 43 Second, Massport argued a special use exception should apply to the OTARD competitive access requirement because of safety concerns and overall management responsibilities. The FCC disagreed, stating that OTARD provides no "express exception for government entities" and that it found no reason to extend an exception to "state and local authorities…acting in a proprietary capacity as landlords."265 The FCC noted that Massport's argument that OTARD does not apply to college dormitories does not apply to Massport's case.
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... ACRP LRD 43 29 ment. However, both municipal airports and authorities should coordinate with appropriate government offices regarding siting applications that may impact the airport.
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... 30 ACRP LRD 43 deployment challenges of the facility, the number of users, and necessary quality assurances will dictate whether the airport pursues a telecommunication or information service. As an example, an airport may choose a commercial mobile service that has Title II obligations or a mobile broadband service that is considered a private mobile service and therefore exempt from Title II obligations.
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... ACRP LRD 43 31 E Spectrum Management Airports may choose to play an active role in managing spectrum usage within their facilities for wireless, cellular, and PLMR systems.

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