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... ACRP LRD 43 3 LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS AT AIRPORTS Sean Cusson, Del Ray Solutions LLC, Alexandria, VA I INTRODUCTION Airports face numerous, simultaneous telecommunications challenges on any given day.
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... 4 ACRP LRD 43 The airport's main terminal building has fiber cabling throughout; however, extending that cabling out to the remote facility may not be beneficial, given the costs of installing cabling so far away from the network provider's base station, and the compromised quality of the bandwidth that would likely result. As an alternative, the airport's IT team is looking at a point-topoint wireless system that may enable it to connect the remote facility with the main terminal building's network.
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... ACRP LRD 43 5 gers, and others; alternatively, airports may grant providers access to their facilities to deploy systems. • Airport operators can help facilitate spectrum use within their facility but must ensure their practices do not prevent or unreasonably delay third-party system usage.

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